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Аутентификация linux через etoken в AD

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(тема ведь интересная)


Вобщем так. Проблема решилась установкой двух библиотек от alladin:

Далее в конфиге pam_pkcs11
$ cat /etc/pam_pkcs11/pam_pkcs11.conf

pam_pkcs11 {

  # Allow empty passwords
  nullok = false;

  # Enable debugging support.
  debug = false;

  # Do not prompt the user for the passwords but take them from the
  # PAM_ items instead.
  use_first_pass = false;

  # Do not prompt the user for the passwords unless PAM_(OLD)AUTHTOK
  # is unset.
  try_first_pass = false;

  # Like try_first_pass, but fail if the new PAM_AUTHTOK has not been
  # previously set (intended for stacking password modules only).
  use_authtok = false;

  # Filename of the PKCS #11 module. The default value is “default”

  use_pkcs11_module = alladin;

  pkcs11_module alladin {
    module =  /usr/lib/libetpkcs11.so;
    description = “Alladin module”;
    slot_num = 0;
    crl_policy = ca_online;

  use_mappers = ms;

  mapper_search_path = /usr/lib/pam_pkcs11;

  # ms – Use Microsoft Universal Principal Name extension
  # UPN is in format login@ADS_Domain. No map is needed, just
  # check domain name.
  mapper ms {
        debug = false;
        module = internal;
        # module = /usr/lib/pam_pkcs11/ms_mapper.so;
        ignorecase = false;
        ignoredomain = false;
        domain = “DOMAIN.RU”;


Ставим драйвера от кард-ридера для pcscd-lite.
И, собсно все.
Дистр – gentoo


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